Saturday, September 20, 2003

Something for the weekend

Felt like at least I had to write *something* for the weekend but couldn’t think about what. Write before the bug we discovered this week that effectively deletes data from our database under certain unforeseen circumstances. Or about the email blast which took me some time to start. This was because after moving to Exchange 2000, there suddenly seems some problem with sending email as another person. This “"you do not have the permission to send the message on behalf of the specified user" message was getting annoying after some time. And this even while I had the rights to “send as” this user :(
Anyway, the problem solved itself the next morning, probably due to some synchronising between the servers during the night: I said we’re in the *transition* to Exchange 2000, didn’t I…
Or should I write about the total lack of sleep from the last days (crying baby at night), which make working a bit uncomfortable. Well I don’t know. The last subject doesn't seem suitabel 'cause it make me look like a moaner. Let me just wish you a good weekend... at least I hope someone reads this: please send me mail