Sunday, September 28, 2003

Thrusthworty Computing

I was thinking about their Thrusthworty Computing initiative they started last year (Feb 2002 if I remember correctly). Of all the opinions I read about it, and which for the majority – at least the ones I read – are laughing about it in more or less obvious terms, I tend to lean to the camp applauding this Initiative more and more. I think their meaning with this is serious, why would someone like Michael Howard devote a whole book to the subject of writing secure code. One can laugh, but I think MS could also have fixed the public opinion problem in a less troublesome way, namely just hiring some more marketing managers preaching about all serious trouble they give themselves writing better software… and instead just produce code-and-fix products. Why write a whole book like this and not meaning anything it says is beyond me. I’m on the MS side a bit, but they should be taking the customer serious. Maybe that’s something they forget in their near-all-mighty situation. Just wanted to share this thought with you. Do you agree, don’t’? Let me know. Which reminds me that I should look into a way to put comments on this site. I guess it must be possible, but I just didn’t take any time to look into the matter