Monday, October 27, 2003

Analysis of a voting system

I recently wrote, as many did about the flaws discovered in Diebolds voting system. Researchers of Johns Hopkins Information Security Institute published a report giving a detailed analysis what can possibly go wrong in a live election. Later, Diebold responded to claims made in this report in a rebuttal, to which of course the authors reponded again. All in all an interesting story, which is still continuing, as instapundit notices. A lobby group will start a PR campaign to persuade us that these voting machines are the gold standard for voting, as Wired notices. But isn’t the problem more that the machines are intrinsically insecure? Why then launch public awereness campaigns instead of fizing the security holes Prof. Rubin found. I think the general public opinions shouldn’t just be influenced by a media campaign, but instead assurances should be given by *independent* expert on the safety of these machines. Of course also I can only base my opninon on what I read on the web and elsewher. We, the ordinary people don’t have the means and possibility to possess source code or the machines themselves to perform the tests. We need experts to guide us. Though, don’t forget to keep our own minds thinking at the same time..