Monday, October 06, 2003

SQL Server BLOGs

Didn’t know that there would be any BLOGs entirely devoted to SQL Server. But there are SQLTeam, and more. Just go to ..., enter "sql server" in the search box and you’re on your way to discovering much more blogs I assure you! Just wanted to let you know, don’t know whether you’re the database type at all. As for myself I’m working on databases on a daily basis. Both as Sysadmin and DBA.This broad job description is interesting on the one hand, but complicated on the other as you might understand. You get to learn all kind of interesting stuff on databases, new technologies and systems, as well as software.However I feel myself strugggling with things every now and then, as deep insight into what I’m doing is lacking sometimes, which is just art of the type of job I have. I wouldn’t know what to do without Google for example :) And then again, it’s only a part of my job, which is total IT management of my company. It extends to keeping a website on air, supporting users with all kind of technical problems. Furthermore even replacing the toner catrdidges of the companys printers will be done by me most of the time. Luckily, the last thing is accompanied by more exciting tasks as installing new servers adn things like that

Well, I’m on the internet serveral times a day, to keep up with tech sites, some forums, following the security news. And yes, to try to keep up with SQL Server also. I know myself as a curious person on the technical level, I want to know every detail about every technology that can be found (to give an impression, articles and websites I follow the last months are about: Computer Security, Computer Science, Tech news, Software Engineering , Web building (HTML, Active Server Pages, CSS), databases in general, SQL Server more specifically, data enabling websites. I try (tried) to follow a lot of BLOGs also from people working in these areas. But it is just too much: Since some time there a baby around in our house, who also claims (read: deserves) a lot of attention. During the evenings, after he’s falling asleep, and the house turns more quiet, would be a good time to keep up with all this info, but I’m tired then and go to sleep. Also, time goes into volunteering work of our local church. What I need is not to read as much as I can, but to focus on what is best for extending my knowledge, and appreciate the little time available to me. Imagine, right now I’m bashing away on a little notebook in my sons room, where at the start of this post he was crying aloud, and now peacefully asleep :) I guess I have about 2 more hours, but in that time I want to also put some plants into the garden at the back of our house.