Thursday, January 08, 2004

.NET as the last of the mohicans

Today is the day I want to start with ASP.NET. I find so many sites dedicated to .NET, that I'm feeling to be falling back in knowledge. Because of lack of Visual Studio.NET I downloaded the .NET Framework 1.1, and installed one of the StarterKits from This didn't go without much ado, because I had this strange installation order: Framework, StarterKit, IIS. That was because I wanted .NET a little bit too badly, and forgot I was only working on an Windows XP Pro test client without a personal webserver installed. Well, after removing, rebooting to be sure, and the proper installation order 1) IIS, 2) Framework, 3) Starterkit, I was more lucky. The underlying database was added to a (test)SQL Server with no problems. And the first time the default.aspx page was loaded it worked! Only found out I had the Community Kit installed (advanced level) instead of the Commerce Kit (basic level) - seems like I really was in a hurry :) Well, I don't know if the label 'advanced' is only put on the Community Kit because it is much more elaborate, or that the samples are indeed more... advanced. At least I have a way to go with ASP.NET code now, which was my intention. Finally I can visit .NET related sites, and try out code given there. I'm a happy man!