Sunday, February 08, 2004

No feedreaders for me

I know, all
you guys acquire your information by means of RSS feeds and the like. I myself used Bottomfeeder and AmphetaDesk for a couple of months (I really enjoyed Bottomfeeder the most), but since about half a year I stopped the use of Newsreaders. Now I only hop from blog to blog to other miscellaneous news source, using blogrolls and my own list of favorites. Working this way I can download the information I want for offline reading, disconnect the dialup connection and spend the rest of the evening reading, reading and reading. That's right; I still use a 56k dialup. And in the Netherlands, although telephony rates are not too high, I still notice this puts some stress on me in trying to get my information as quickly as possible, and then disconnect. Even though, this is nonsense, because I'm more limited in that people around me also expect their fair deal of attention, than in the amount of money I spend on the internet connection. And while I'm paying less than (A)DSL or some other broadband connection, I won't go for it. Still, it must be kind of convenient being on broadband without bothering about having to disconnect in order to save on the phone bill. But, back to my point: havingDSL / cable is a big prerequisite for using some kind of newsreader, to my opinion. Using Bottomfeeder on dialup, I'd be downloading the headers, or first paragraphs or whatever is offered in the feed, disconnect, and not being able to read whole blog entries afterward. I would need to be connected the whole time I'd be using the newsreader, in order to read the complete entries. This would mean I'd be on dialup for multiple hours on a regular basis. That certainly would beg for a permanent connection. Which is why I'm not using newsreaders, I guess
Agree? Or think I shouldn't be moaning so much (in any case nothing in life is free, except love, and God's grace)
Take care