Friday, March 05, 2004


Just wanted to let you know that Bloglines is indeed very OK. For those not in the know: it's an online news aggregator. Well, some weeks ago I told you why I didn't use news aggregators, but that was before I discovered Bloglines. What I especially like is the ease with which it works: an easy way to get up to speed with you blogroll is to use 'recommended blogs', where I found a lot of the ones I already read. And adding new feeds manually is a breeze. The best part however, is that it's online, on the web, and it remembers which blogs I read -on a blog-by-blog basis-, how many new items there are, etc etc. This way, I can use it anywhere I like, at home, at the office, and still never read an old article again. I don't even see old entries again, because there hidden from view, once you've opened the specific feed. Of course, you can recover old items from the feed when needed...
(disclaimer: I'm not funded by Bloglines in any way for writing this entry, I just like the service)