Monday, March 22, 2004

[QUICK TIP] Google search even more powerful

You can search on Google on words which are located near each other, with some in between. I didn't know this; it may be very old news, but not for me.It'll certainly exctend my search capabilities

I was a bit too fast into thinking the asterisk was a replacement for the NEAR search term. It seems it has the meaning of 'one word', so two asterisks represent two words in between two search terms. This mean I could search for all March 2004 articles on this blog with the command "March * 2004". Although I see some articles -including this one!-, not all are there. I assume Google must have indexed all of them, as they already indexed this one which I posted yesterday; so that leaves room to some discussion as to function of the asterisk. Btw, I couldn't find any info about this on Google's site itself