Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Weird Word thingy

Fired up 3 Word documents in which I copied some HTML pages I wanted to read offline. As they couldn't be saved in the normal way, I used my normal alternative: paste to Word. Sometimes Word just freezes as it seems to choke on an overload of HTML code. But now I have 3 happy Word documents, accessible as ever with the mouse, but all Word functionality is disabled. Basically I can scroll up and down the docs, but nothing else. Which seems a little odd. Lucky man I am however, as I still can read the information, so my goal is reached at least

[NOTE TO SELF]Don't post this! There was this stupid Dialog Box open somewhere underneath all windows, which just didn't come up[/NOTE TO SELF]

Well, I might just post just as well. After all, how many times do you have these kind of things happening to you .... massive quietness... it happens to me every now and then. Maybe I'm just stupid, but my opinion is that this is also a usability error. Somehow you should be notified about an open dialog box. Maybe it must remain as an MDI form on top of the specific Window, in which case it's not possible to do anything else before closing it. You asked for it to be opened, now tell it to close also... I just repeated my specific problem. Open 2 Word documents, open up the thesaurus on one document, and then switch windows a bit. The thesaurus will fall into the background, rendering both the Word documents useless. Now, closing one of the documents yields the following error "you cannot close Microsoft Word because a dialog is active. Switch to Microsoft Word first and close the dialog" after which the thesaurus finally pops up again... a little late. Why couldn't it just stay MDI, I want to look up the meaning of a Word, and not something else. Anybody has a thought on this matter?