Saturday, April 24, 2004

136 Feeds Subscriptions and still counting

Yesterday, I took a fresh look at the number of feeds I'm subscribed to, and you guessed it, the counter reaches 136. Already unsubscribed several feeds the last weeks. Among them some blogs which were not really in my field of business, which I subscribed to too hastily, or which were just overwhelming (some tech news feeds; I keep up with tech news without a problem without these feeds anyway; for me, they were just a recycling of news I've already seen on real website I visit, and so they just take up extra reading time). But still it seems I add more blogs than I lose. This is definitely not going in the right direction. There's just so much content that it's unable to keep up with (Btw, some people
are able to write so much interesting things that I wonder where they get the time?). For me it means some blogs I'd like to keep up with, sometimes remain unread for almost a week. This way some of their items are already old news; while I would prefer to be reading the news from them instead of somewhere else. That's exactly why they're on my Favorites list. Anyway, something has to be done. One way would be dumping all superfluous blogs in some 'When-You-Have-Time-Left' folder; the other of course would be unsubscribing. Hmm, let me just think about the options for some time. But in the meantime, please tell me how *you* handle Blog Overload?