Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Fresh Inspiration: logging-/debugging tool

Reading "How to be a Programmer" by Robert L. Read, I felt inspired by the part on debugging. Thought to myself: well, my not using real debugging tools lead almost always to Debug.Print debugging. How often do I find myself putting Response.Writes on ASP pages and Debug.Print in VB code. Or... even MsgBox come into play sometimes. Wouldn't it be nice to have an abstract class which I can call, and which handles the debugging/logging for me. So far I set up something simple which just writes some info to a logfile. For me, it's easy working like that, because I can have an Editpad window with automatic refreshing open on the log. So far I can thing of the following features:

  • choose debugging (immediate/debug window) or logging (file) mode
  • loghandling: overwrite existing file, append new info, or use multiple files based on datetime
  • handle verbosity, logging level: low, medium, all?

What do you think: is this the mother-of-super-dullest helper apps, or can it really be interesting? So far, I tend to the former, negative side, as for the usefulness to the community this can be. I am the last to say there are no logging applications so far. But being it the mother-of... it can still be a good learning experience for me. And something to keep me up at night, if both my son, and his soon-to-arrive brother or sister aren't already doing that :)