Saturday, April 24, 2004

Blog Woes

Every now an then I find myself thinking, whilst reading some blog entry or article: 'hey, I could have written this myself'. But as it turns out, I didn't. It got me thinking about the exact reason why... The point is, I'm trying to follow some .NET related blogs (like Carl Franklin's and
Rory Blyth. Their .NET Rocks show surely is fun to listen to. However, currently I have no active experience in the language. This makes me feel very restrained in talking about it. As I have no real knowledge about it, how on earth could I write interesting things for my readers? Maybe I could make something introductory, but then again, how could it be interesting to you. An you only need ten seconds on Google to promptly find many more interesting info than anything I'd cough up. In fact, writing this short bit give me thoughts on an article about the subject of not being settled and noteworthy in the field of blogging, and still being an active blogger. Sometimes I wonder just why someone gets noted and receive massive audiences; while other bloggers, whose stories may be just as interesting, have only 4 or 5 readers a day.