Friday, May 14, 2004

Blogger comments enabled, adieu Haloscan

Reading about the Great Blogger Relaunch I thought I might as well turn on bloggers's comments now. Until now I worked with Haloscan, had no problems with them. Anyway, it's probably better to completely do it the Blogger way. Actually, thinking a little bit further; I don't like having all these different little systems to keep something running. Blogger looks reliable enough, so way not remove one other change of braeking the blog?
The only thing left to do is handcopying the -few that there are :) - old Haloscan comments to Blogger. What needs to be done there is matching the Halscan time indication to the specific posts, as they had no other identifier to a post. Which is the only downside of Haloscan: reading there comment feed, I had no way of knowing to which post a comment was made.