Saturday, May 01, 2004

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Random Sampling in T-SQL

In my previous life I acted as a statistician for a couple of years. Therefore I was especially attracted to this MSDN article speaking about things like Chi-2 tests; this test is a statistical metric used to decide whether data is distributed in a random manner, or something like that. The article contains a pointer for those interested in the statistical backgrounds

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Boolean Logic
These weeks I'm trying to increase my general knowledge on programming by reading the Pragmattic Programmer. Because this books' samples are mainly in C++, a simple C++ tutorial was good in getting me up to speed in understanding the source code better. Pointers for example are unknown in my daily programming activities. Well, to end this link recommendation: this piece on Boolean logic is a small part of the introductory C++ course.

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Eight Web Usability Killers
My personal experience is that quite often, once a company's site is finalized and online; no real development, analysis or whatever to estimate it's efficiency is performed anymore. This quote from the article speaks for itself:
"Many web sites considered robust and healthy by their owners may be suffering from life-threatening diseases"

Btw, the site contains more articles in this series, e.g. on web site credibility and accessability