Saturday, November 13, 2004

I've made The Switch

At my home machine, today, I finally decided to remove myself from the Administrator list. Actually, I was convinced by reading about it in a computer magazine. Thought: well, when mainsteam magazines are starting to write about running as non-admin, I'm actually a bit due as a developer. It feels so good, now that most (all?) recent worms and virii are only able to wreck havoc on my personal profile, instead of destroying the complete machine. So far, the only trouble I've seen is that I'm not able to change system time :) O, and the other thing, a bit more problematic, is that runas only yields errors after trying to run it (and entering the admin password, in case you wondered):
"RUNAS ERROR" Unable to run - explorer.exe 5: "Access is denied"
Well, got some Googling to do for now...