Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Why shoulnd't I just stop blogging?

I feel exactly like decafbad wondering why he would be recycling all the news the rest of the world is talking about. Well, at least he has 889 subscribers using Bloglines (and I guess a lot more in reality) as of today, which is much.. really much more than I have :) This means there's probably more than a thousand people who care about what he says. That could be some stimulant maybe? Well, as for me, I'm actually very surprised that you're even reading this, as chances are very very little that you would. Anyways, the point of this post: there is just so much happening outside which I just want to know about. And then, having read all stuff, I'm just tired, having no idea what's interesting anough to blog about. Is there really anything that you user want me to talk about. Then please please let me know, because me is out of ideas and on the brink of quitting

I'm not a social animal. or am I?

[back from 3 weeks of lovely analog holidays, hence the lack of recent posts ]

I never felt attracted to social software like IRC (chat) and more recently Friendster, Orkut and its ilk. I'd rather speak to an analog person than with someone while bashing on my keyboard. Besides, this new flood of social thingies seems to overwhelm you with loads of friends, friends-of-a-friend, and friends-of-a-friend-of-a-friend. This way, George W. Bush is probably even a friend of mine :( Furthermore, I rather read than type / comminucate in the digital world. And dial-up connection rules out a lot of possibilities to explore.

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Posting from Tech Ed

Just a little info here from Tech Ed 2004. I already set up a post yesterday. Unfortunately, that one was saved into the Drafts of Outlook 2003 on one of the 400 or so Dell around here, which are free to use. Thought saving in Drafts was safe, but unfortunately the post disappeared the next time I logged on again. I’m not one of the *many* fortunate owners of an own laptop with wireless connection here, so have to wait in line sometimes because it’s only during session time not all machines are taken permanently. And the wireless is used massively.
I won’t really blog about the technical details, new announcements which are made here. Feels a little bit useless because I’ve already seen a lot of people talk about the new version of the Studio Suite (the Express line), and some other interesting stuff. Just go to Tech Ed Bloggers If you want to read more.
Monday at the keynote we heard already 2500 of the 6000+ users used it so far. And back then Tech Ed had just officially started (well, apart from Mondays Pre-Conference Seminars of course).
The atmosphere is really a bit geeky around here. Everywhere people are phoning, PDA’sing, just sitting around with notebook on their laps etc. Really funny to see. On the other hand you can easily feel a bit lost in the crowd. There’s just so many people, you can find yourself sitting in sessions with maybe 1000-2000 visitors. There’s only on colleague around here that I know, but he of course has a bit of his own schedule so we only see each other about twice a day.
Furthermore what can I say: the food is really good, a healthy warm lunch, muffins in the morning, snacks in the afternoon to pick up literally at dozens of places. All kinds of free drinks of course; and hey, there’s also a Health Bar, with several kinds of salads to enjoy.