Thursday, May 27, 2004

Re-electing President Bush?

So, it seems on the other side of the pond the Re-election campaign of George W. Bush has started. In my opinion these seven terrorists are in fact a very welcome tool to the Bush Administration in the Administrations' continuous efforts of spreading FUD among the American people. My prediction is you will see a lot of these warnings until November. Maybe somewhere during the summer Osama will be captured, more doubt will be spread, the targets will keep on changing, etc. etc. And then in the weeks before the election something will happen as a final push of the voters right into the arms of the current president. I've spoken.
BTW, this is not a political blog, no do I intend to go into that direction. Only once I wanted to voice my opinion, so you know where I stand.

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Sikko2Go LINKS

Trackback is a blog standard for keeping track of who refers to content on your blog. Below the post these trackbacks are automitically collected; a nice way to see who;s talking about you. Unfortunately I don't have trackback enabled, that is Blogger doesnt have it.
However, with this form I can have comments to other sites I make on my blog show up in trackbacks on other sites now: manual pings can be done using a simple form in which you enter your posts details and the link it refers to. I'm going to try this some time soon, but the point is I don't have a blog in which trackback works. So I have to (ab)use someone else's blog for it... :)

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Monday, May 24, 2004

I am not a G33k

Blogreading your way around the Blog-o-Sphere you find lots and lots of bloggers who have received Guru Status one way or the other. There's nothing wrong with that; even more: when someone is very educated in the programming languages I like, and is able to talk about it in an interesting and convincing way (like those good people in my last sentence, giving me more insight in the language and programming in general, (s)he's subscribed! But sometimes I wonder if it's only the G33ks and Guru's who are blogging. I mean, G33ks, Guru's and me. I'm by no means one of them. For starters I haven't built something big like one of the big blogging engines. Or even smaller things like small Open Source applications to be shared with the world. The only thing I'm doing is building internal applications to keep my employer happy (and improving my Software Engineering and programming knowledge in my free time). This is nothing earth shattering, tens of thousands of other developers must exist all around the globe in pursuing the same happiness.

Of course I understand some of the rationale behind all this: it's a bit like district-based elections: winner takes all principle. People with already some influence tend to attract more and more people, leading to the famous Shirky's Power Law, the curve with only a couple of class-A bloggers with 10,000+ visitors a day high up to the left of the graph, and the bulk of smaller cannon fodder (joke) somewhere in the margin to the far right .
The ones who started on a fortunate moment in time, e.g. a couple years ago during the dot com boom, or the ones with above average writing skills, or with a strong opinion, a good PR talk, or maybe just enough courage are in the top charts. And me? I'm only some small blogger from the Netherlands. My fluency in English is not enough, I do not have enough experience, credibility, I never built something big etc. etc. I wonder what can be done about it:
At least being sincere in blogging efforts: 4 or 5 posts a week must be possible; but time and time again I find myself doing all kind of other things like reading other blogs, doing volunteering work for my church, raising a kid, etc. It seems keeping my own blog updated with some interesting rants is not my first priority. On the other hand: don't see this as an apology for not blogging enough. too much people are excusing their way around, a bit too often to be credible, for the lack of recent posts. Most of the times reasons seem to be related to 1) having too much work / project = late or 2) they have another life too. And well, why shouldn't they? All bloggers give away their content for free, so there's nothing they should apologize for (except for their good name and fame maybe).
So, to conclude this small piece: I do try to blog more, but don't expect an apology when it doesn't work out. I have a life too :)
And yes: I don't life in a box, so I did notice Tech Ed US Edition started today (well, as a matter of fact actually yesterday). But, I'm going to the European edition , starting June 28, so see this also as a note in advance for probably no updates in that week, as I won't be wireless there...
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Saturday, May 15, 2004

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Chromeless Windows
Tried it out, and it worked under IE6 with Medium security, which is standard, so most users will be on it. Makes one pretty nervous, and indeed I wonder why Microsoft doesn't see this as a high-risk situation, in need of being fixed?

Friday, May 14, 2004

Sikko2Go LINKS

Don XML is wondering why technical authors shouldn't publish books by themselves. Now I haven't written any book at all, and don't plan on doing it in the near(*) future; but it certainly is interesting to see how the digital world is changing our way of working these days: Who would have thought 10 years ago about writing, printing and distributing your own book on a global level? Don't forget to read the comments there btw, they add a lot to the discussion.
(*)note the layout of the word near here :)

Blogger comments enabled, adieu Haloscan

Reading about the Great Blogger Relaunch I thought I might as well turn on bloggers's comments now. Until now I worked with Haloscan, had no problems with them. Anyway, it's probably better to completely do it the Blogger way. Actually, thinking a little bit further; I don't like having all these different little systems to keep something running. Blogger looks reliable enough, so way not remove one other change of braeking the blog?
The only thing left to do is handcopying the -few that there are :) - old Haloscan comments to Blogger. What needs to be done there is matching the Halscan time indication to the specific posts, as they had no other identifier to a post. Which is the only downside of Haloscan: reading there comment feed, I had no way of knowing to which post a comment was made.

Monday, May 10, 2004

Did this little test, just because I as curious what I would be.

But man... I've never even heard about this OS. I know GNU of course, but what is Hurd anyway??? Which OS are you

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Sorry for the Republish

But I was digging into Bloggers' new features and layout, and before I knew it I pushed the republish button...

Thursday, May 06, 2004

Coder to Developer

My long awaited new Amazon shipment arrived Tuesday, containing among others Mike Gunderloy's new book: the already famous Coder to Developer. I mean, everyone seems to talk about it. Can't tell you a lot of details yet, only read the Foreword and Chapter 1, but it looks really really promising. Can't wait till to call it a day, rush home and start Chapter 2.. ehm, well, after bathing and bringing to bed my 2 year old son of course. BTW, on the CtD website you can download Chapter 5
as an appetizer; just in case you didn't already (Note: it's a 2 MB pdf)

Saturday, May 01, 2004

Sikko2Go LINKS

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Random Sampling in T-SQL

In my previous life I acted as a statistician for a couple of years. Therefore I was especially attracted to this MSDN article speaking about things like Chi-2 tests; this test is a statistical metric used to decide whether data is distributed in a random manner, or something like that. The article contains a pointer for those interested in the statistical backgrounds

Sikko2Go LINK 2
Boolean Logic
These weeks I'm trying to increase my general knowledge on programming by reading the Pragmattic Programmer. Because this books' samples are mainly in C++, a simple C++ tutorial was good in getting me up to speed in understanding the source code better. Pointers for example are unknown in my daily programming activities. Well, to end this link recommendation: this piece on Boolean logic is a small part of the introductory C++ course.

Sikko2Go LINK 3
Eight Web Usability Killers
My personal experience is that quite often, once a company's site is finalized and online; no real development, analysis or whatever to estimate it's efficiency is performed anymore. This quote from the article speaks for itself:
"Many web sites considered robust and healthy by their owners may be suffering from life-threatening diseases"

Btw, the site contains more articles in this series, e.g. on web site credibility and accessability